Unbelievable Savings With DPC

What could your company do with $1 Million in savings on their healthcare spend?

This is not just some pie-in-the-sky question; it is a question that Union County, NC, got to ask themselves after saving $1.2 million on their healthcare spending after implementing a direct primary care solution like Tectonic Health. The peer-reviewed study can be found here.

What success did Union County see?

  • 54% reduction in emergency department visits
  • 25% fewer hospitalizations 
  • 13% reduction in total healthcare spend
  • 20 to 30% savings for employees with HDHP plans
  • 28% savings for employees with 1+ chronic conditions
  • 3:1 self-reported improvement in health

Once you implement Tectonic Health for your company, you can change the question from what could to what would you do with $1 million in savings on healthcare spend?