Tectonic Health

Primary Care For The Modern Employee
Tectonic Health is not a typical employee health benefit. We believe that nothing can replace the human touch and the personal relationship between a patient and a clinician. That's why we bring the clinician to the patient, where they need it the most: the home or the office.

Employer Healthcare Benefits are Failing

The healthcare system is challenging for employers and employees. 

Many employers struggle to provide affordable and unique healthcare options for their employees, which can lead to difficulty recruiting and retaining talent. 

Additionally, the high cost of healthcare can be a financial burden for employees, especially those on a limited income.

Our Services

House Calls

On-demand and dedicated clinicians triage the medical needs of the patient. The patient does not have to wait or travel for an appointment. We see them where they are. When and where they need it the most!

Affordable Medications

Treatment may include one of our broad selection of over 500 medications included with our services. These medications cover the most common chronic and acute conditions.

Digital Physical Therapy

Instant access to high-quality physiotherapy. A simple text helps the person get pain-free, stay pain-free, and get back to work. Provided by our partner NRG Physio.

Mobile Labs & Imaging

X-rays and ultrasounds, and labs are available in the comfort of the employee’s home. These services are provided in tandem with the house call to meet their immediate health needs.

Affordable Care for the modern employee

Let’s face it; the modern employee has different needs than the legacy healthcare system can provide. Today’s employee expects with their benefits an Amazon or Netflix-like experience.

Having to travel to the doctor, wait in the waiting room, to only get 10 minutes with the doctor makes more employees avoid care and end up using high-cost, more convenient services like urgent care and the emergency department.

Our services go beyond the legacy system, meeting the modern employee’s needs and covering their entire household for a flat transparent rate. We are the ideal addition to any benefits package to make you stand out in this competitive market while helping to lower costs and improve lives.