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It’s Time For A Seismic Shift In Primary Care 

The lack of access and transparency has plagued healthcare long enough and is killing your company’s bottom line!  Access and transparency are central to consumerism; we want to know exactly what we are getting and its cost – at the moment we think about it.

New Healthcare Solution For Businesses

Most people in the U.S. would admit we have a critical problem in our healthcare system. Lack of access and rising costs keep people sicker and make it harder for families to afford even basic care. As a result, many avoid care because their out-of-pocket costs are too high or they cannot get to Urgent Care or the hospital. Tectonic Health wants to change that. 

Tectonic Health – Creating a Seismic Shift In Healthcare Delivery

After several years of market research and positioning, MyHouseCall took what it learned from the industry and transformed it into Tectonic Health. Tectonic Health is a healthcare ecosystem serving self-insured employers to provide more comprehensive and transparent primary and preventive care for their employees.

Why Healthcare Consumers are Demanding More

The pandemic changed everything: from the way we work, to the way we shop. and everything in between. Sweeping changes to how people shop and conduct business inspired healthcare consumers to take even their health into their own hands, making it a priority, and contributing more to their care outcomes. The consumerism in healthcare trend is forcing the industry to create change and transformation as they listen to what it is the consumers need.