Why Healthcare Consumers are Demanding More

The pandemic changed everything: from the way we work, to the way we shop. and everything in between. Sweeping changes to how people shop and conduct business inspired healthcare consumers to take even their health into their own hands, making it a priority, and contributing more to their care outcomes. The consumerism in healthcare trend is forcing the industry to create change and transformation as they listen to what it is the consumers need. 

Healthcare consumers are demanding more, and here’s three things they’re looking for in regards to their patient experience:

Patients are looking for better and easier access to care

Although this has always been a concern for patients, the pandemic escalated it to the top. Now, as work, school and even entertainment has transitioned to the digital world, consumers are growing more and more used to this method. That means they want quicker access to their provider. One solution is through telehealth appointments. Telehealth helps increase appointment availability, eliminates any sort of a commute and minimizes waiting room times. The ultimate goal is to allow consumers to receive care in the comfort of his or her own home, creating a more-than-adequate solution to providing quick and easy access to care for patients. 

It can be difficult for a patient to squeeze in time for appointments. By making it easy for healthcare consumers to receive the care they need, not only will they be healthier, they’ll also be more satisfied with the experience overall and more willing to continue care.

Provider satisfaction is still key to the patient experience

The way healthcare is delivered might be changing, but that doesn’t mean patient care should. While telehealth is on the rise, it’s also important to note that the patient still looks for the best provider for their specific needs. They still desire that personal interaction with their provider who makes them feel seen and understood. They’re looking for an ongoing relationship with a trusted provider. Additionally, patients are looking for a provider who is culturally sensitive, able to relate to their life experience and struggle, and who uses language they can understand.

As consumers are taking back control of their health, this means searching for the right physician who fits their needs and makes them feel valued and heard. Active listening, transparency and connection are key for patients to feel at ease with their provider.

Affordable care remains a central focus

The cost of healthcare has always been a recurring issue for patients. But now as they are empowered to take back control, they are more willing to shop around for the right plan for their life. It is  not uncommon for patients to skip or completely avoid appointments because of the expense associated with it. This is obviously unsafe for the patient, but also adds an additional level of pressure to the provider. With high cost comes high expectations, and rightfully so. If patients are willing to fork over the money for their care, they expect top-level experience. 

The consumer healthcare journey is ever changing for both the patient and the institution, but the core demands remain the same. Making it easy and affordable for patients to receive quality care is and always should be the top priority for hospitals and healthcare systems. 

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