Tectonic Health – Creating a Seismic Shift In Healthcare Delivery

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Tectonic Health is Creating a Seismic Shift In Healthcare Delivery
Pittsburgh, Pa. (January 9, 2023) – After several years of market research and positioning, MyHouseCall took what it learned from the industry and transformed it into Tectonic Health. Tectonic Health is a healthcare ecosystem serving self-insured employers to provide more comprehensive and transparent primary and preventive care for their employees.

Many employers struggle to provide affordable and unique healthcare options for their employees, which can lead to difficulty in recruiting and retaining talent. Additionally, the high cost of healthcare can be a financial burden for employees, especially those on a limited income.

“In today’s competitive work environment, employee benefits are more important than ever. There is a desire by employees for a better healthcare experience. This is shown in the growth of direct primary care. Tectonic Health is taking that direct primary care model on the road, creating an experience unique to the market that is at a fraction of the costs of the traditional healthcare system,” said Michael Cole, chief of clinical services. “The name change from MyHouseCall to Tectonic Health recognizes the inefficiencies of point solutions in the market today.” 

Tectonic Health brings a suite of services to the employer, improving access for the employee and everyone in their household while reducing total healthcare spending and burden placed on the employer. 

To learn more, visit https://tectonic.health or email [email protected].

About Tectonic Health:
Tectonic Health is creating a seismic shift in healthcare by shaking up the delivery of employer health benefits. We believe that access to transparent quality care is a basic necessity for all individuals. Tectonic Health will become the new gold standard in care delivery for employees and beyond.

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